Jacynth Bassett

Jacynth Bassett is the founder of the-Bias-Cut.com – the first age inclusive online independent fashion boutique – and the movement Ageism Is Never In Style®.

After studying Law at Cambridge, where she was also President of the Law Society, Jacynth used her minimal savings to found the-Bias-Cut.com, having grown frustrated at seeing women, like her mum, being treated as invisible or irrelevant by the Fashion Industry, largely due to their age. From independently developing, launching and running the-Bias-Cut.com in 2016, today it has over 30 labels, including Jacynth’s eponymous label, and a global customer base.

Jacynth herself has swiftly become recognised as one of the leading advocates of style at every age, having been named as an ‘Ageism-Fighting Trailblazer’ by Global Health Ageing. She regularly writes, speaks and commentates on the topic for various leading national publications, including The Guardian, New Statesman and Business Insider, for several 40+ online platforms, and chaired the “Fashion Fades, Only Style Remains” talk for the (B)old Festival 2018 at the Southbank Centre, London. She also supports and aids charities, organisations and entrepreneurs tackling ageism, and is the founder & chair of ‘Advocates For Ageing’ – a global collective of professionals changing the conversation around ageing.