Joanna Donegan-Edwards

I have been a teacher for 15 years and have held a variety of roles working my way up from being a science teacher to a middle leader but one of the common themes in my entire teaching career has been my work in the area of STEM and promoting females into this area (especially Physics).

I remember being told at Secondary School that ‘Physics was not for girls’ and so I set out to prove that teacher wrong! In my quest, I have worked for WISE and the IOP on their gender balance programmes, researching how we can improve uptake of female students in this area and I regularly attend WES events, celebrating women in engineering. My local school is an all girls’ school and so I am able to share my passion with the students and aim for them to aspire to be the next generation of engineers. I am the first teacher to attend UCL’s MSc in Engineering and Education course and hope this will enable me to bridge the gap between schools and universities and positively encourage females to take up engineering at a higher level.