In November 2014, I started my career in FM with Carillion Services on their Graduate scheme. After 2 years of exploring the business, in 5 different roles I chose my career as a Change Manager and was lucky enough to be offered the job I absolutely wanted.

I love being a Change Manager, because it is all about people. It’s about taking people on a journey through a period of change, which can sometimes be exciting, and sometimes be unsettling and it’s my job to ensure that journey is as positive as can be.

The FM industry is ever changing and evolving, and we’re always encouraged to look for ways to improve our business. Alongside my day job, I’m also involved in a return to work project, looking at how we can improve the way we re-induct and continue to engage with people that return to work for us from a period of leave, whether it be Maternity, Paternity, Long Term Sick or a Sabbatical. I believe this will enhance our ability to attract and retain great talent within the industry.

I really enjoy being a mentor to our new graduate cohort. It’s great to be able to offer support and advice, plus share my experience of the scheme. I’d like to expand my mentoring to outside of my workplace and share my experience with secondary school girls who may be thinking about a career in business.

Running keeps me busy during my spare time and I am part of a local running club. Running is great for exercise, but I also use it as a tool to alleviate stress. It is really important to recognise stress in the workplace, and I actively encourage my colleagues to talk about stress and how it can be managed.