Julie Jones

My name is Julie Alves Jones, I have both British and Brazilian nationalities, and I am passionate about learning, growing and helping others grow.

In 2009 I studied in the Littlehampton Academy School, and back in Brazil a few years later I got into the Federal University of Pernambuco, the best University in the State of Pernambuco, in which I graduated in the 4 years long course of Advertisement. I also graduated in Marketing in a private university, with a partial scholarship due to my grades, as well as having studied design for a year.
I have a post graduation in strategic management for businesses, and I am currently doing my second post graduation in coaching and people management.

I started my first business still during university, in which I managed advertisement campaigns for small companies in Brazil, with the ambition to help the local economy and drive growth in the local market. I also worked for two of the biggest companies in the state, Odebrecht and Fiepe, where I organised events and created online and offline marketing strategies.

In Brazil, I also volunteered for a charity that helped local children – creating marketing strategies to drive donations.

I moved to the UK in 2019, and started working for Sopro – a company with a truly inspiring culture that helps businesses generate revenue. As a Team Leader at Sopro, I love being able to help teams and push for innovation.

Apart from Marketing and Client Services, my passions include photography, webdesign and literature. I love learning and I believe that everything that was created can be learnt. There are no limits when we combine effort and motivation to achieve our goals.