An Nurse Consultant with 21 years experience in Women’s Health. I have a degree in Nursing Studies and a Masters in Clinical Ultrasound. As an Independent Nurse Practitioner I am able to assess, diagnose and implement management plans for gynaecological conditions.

As an independent prescriber I initiate medical management plans when indicated and as a Nurse hysteroscopist can perform outpatient procedures. I’ve worked in both the primary & secondary care settings as well as in private practice and education.

*Graduate Nurse (BSc) with twenty one years’ experience specialising in Women’s Health

* Experience of working as a Nurse Consultant within a Community Gynaecology service for Bristol CCG

*Ten years working at senior nurse level (Band 8) in an acute teaching hospital

* Qualified ultrasonographer (MSc) in Obstetrics and Gynaecology ultrasound & practiced at reporting

* Qualified Nurse Hysteroscopist working in an abnormal bleeding clinic with a see & treat focus

* An autonomous practitioner with proven experience of managing complex patient caseloads

* Proven advanced clinical skills to physically assess, diagnose & implement management plans

* Proven ability to instruct and manage a team of Nurse practitioners in a Nurse led environment

* Experienced Non Medical Prescriber in women’s health