Kerryn JohnstoneKerryn believes that the key to success is setting a strategy for yourself, and then working hard to implement it. This includes creating a continuously evolving Personal Stakeholder Map, finding the right mentors for guidance and utilising any courses and training on offer to add to her toolkit of skills. Leaving school with no idea of what she really wanted to do with her career, Kerryn decided to find experience in the world through life events. Before she set off, Kerryn lined her ‘Career Toolkit’ with an Executive Secretarial course, knowing that whatever career path she eventually chose; the world would always require Admin. It’s frequently been beneficial, especially when recession hit and the only people being hired where administrative staff.

Kerryns career began on a well-known London reception desk in 1998. Since then she has worked in many different sectors, including blue chip, banking, government and charity organisations. Through sheer hard work and determination, utilising networks and working her career strategy over the years, she now creates Methods and Tools to underpin the Deployment Approach for large Global Programs. Kerryn also juggles being a Mum to two busy boys, with challenging work hours, being a commuter and the on-the-job travel required of her role in a large City Firm.

Kerryn grew up in Zimbabwe and Malawi, leaving at the age of 21 for Europe. Having lived in many countries around the world since, from 3rd world through to 1st world she has seen first-hand, and understands how tough it can be, for young women to find a voice to allow them that first ‘foot in the door’. Actively involved in charities and philanthropy, Kerryn strives to always find a way to give of both her time and experience to help others believe in themselves too!