Kirsty Moore

Kirsty Moore is Managing Director, Regional Head London, HSBC Global Private Banking and has over 25 years of experience advising families on their wealth with a particular focus on entrepreneurs and wealth being realised from private companies.

Her team help support entrepreneurs manage their wealth today and for future generations by providing personalised financial planning and investment advice.

Kirsty is someone who likes to get things done, a mum and an equality champion. She is the Chair of the Private Banks UK Engagement Forum which encourages and empowers staff to make a difference by changing people’s lives for the better through volunteering charity work and well being. She also sponsors and leads HSBC Private Banking UK’s mentoring programme, which focuses on gender and ethnicity and last year was extended to offer reverse mentoring as well as traditional mentoring. Over 500 participants have taken part in the programme since its inception, providing a crucial career development resource within the business and supporting diversity of talent.