I come from a minority ethnic background. My father is a first generation Indian immigrant and my mother is a first generation Trinidadian immigrant. Neither were able to obtain an education past the age of 16 years old. They both came to this country in 1960’s to seek better opportunities for themselves and their children. I would like to think that they were successful in that objective as their only child has gone on to obtain a degree and to practice in a highly competitive and well regarded field such as the law.

After A-levels I completed a degree in English Literature at Goldsmiths College, University of London. Following the degree I converted to law completing the GDL and LPC at the College of Law before securing a training contract at the London office of an International Dispute Resolution firm. Securing a Training Contract was a big challenge, due to the fierce competition and limited number available (as compared to graduates each year). I worked as a paralegal straight after completing the GDL as well as attending a pro bono law centre, the Waterloo Legal Advice Service for around 5 years. This allowed me to show my commitment to the law and hone my legal proficiency skills. The Attorney General several years ago visited the centre and took particular interest in an employment case that I had successfully won at trial on behalf of my pro bono client. I would highly recommend contributing to Pro Bono legal centres to all lawyers, not only aspiring lawyers, as you step outside your comfort zone and you expand your network.

My current expertise lie in representing insurers on a wide variety of high value catastrophic injury claims; covering road traffic accidents, public and employer’s liability and product liability claims. I have also worked on international cross border claims dealing with jurisdiction and applicable law issues. I have developed an interest in working on complex brain injury and amputation cases.