I started DJing after a career as a performer on stage and TV. With no training in this area I had to learn from scratch and taught myself music production first. When the opportunity came to open a new club in London I went for it, learning the basics, feeling the fear and doing it anyway and then teaching myself the live skills afterwards from YouTube.

I honed my skills in bars and clubs before auditioning for Ministry Of Sound and becoming one of their first female DJs and touring the world. This quickly taught me two things, firstly the world does not always see women as equal (neither does the music industry) and secondly that I could use my story, my skills, my passion and technology to share empowerment for free, to enable women and girls to learn new skills which they could enjoy, master and monetise.

As I played more high profile shows I met more poweful women and grew a network of role models in all corners of the world. Whilst connecting through music we shared our values and experiences. I created my lifestyle brand SuperFoxx to provide a safe space for women to enjoy music, support and enable each other and tap into role models.