My name is Lalita Purbhoo-Junggee. I am 28 years old, married and the mother of two kids. I am the co-founder of 1950 Design & Print Co Ltd, which is located in Pailles, Mauritius.

I started my career as a trainee reporter at sixteen. Following high-school, I began work at a top newspaper in Mauritius. After eight years of working full-time, I decided to take on the adventure of becoming an entrepreneur.

Together with my husband, we started a large format printing and advertising company. Step by step, we have expanded our operations, while sticking to our core values and principles. Our major goal is to have the biggest positive impact we can on the environment. Living in an island nation, we see first hand how much of an impact man made climate change is having on the island. From severe droughts to extreme heat.

My biggest personal strengths are my focus and followthrough, my ability to commit to a task and see it through to completion. I am a very intuitive and curious person who loves to learn, problem-solve and find innovative solutions for everyday problems. I am very open-minded, optimistic, hard working and these traits are very beneficial in a career oriented around creativity and design.