Laura Mahoney

After graduating, like many people, I was thrown into the world of work after being under the comfort blanket of education and was quite clueless about what I wanted to do.

All I knew was that I was passionate about people and after working in several different roles and doing lots of travelling, decided to enrol myself onto the CIPD and pursue a career in HR. My first HR position was working for a law firm and nearly a decade later, I am still working within this industry. The very nature of being an HR Advisor is that you work closely with ambitious individuals who experience a diverse range of situations that directly impacts their ability to be their best. Being a part-time working mother (of two young sons), I can specifically identify with the challenges women face when trying to climb the career ladder and so my passion to drive the agenda on equality and women’s health & wellbeing began!

Over the last 12 months, I have had the amazing opportunity to also become more involved in D&I matters (with our wonderful D&I team), specifically in leading projects that I hope can make a real difference in spreading awareness of the challenges women may face while at work, breaking down stigma and helping shape a culture of inclusivity at the firm. I am very proud of the work we delivered on menopause awareness and domestic abuse and hope to continue to create a community at work where we are able to support one another to reach our collective potential. I also look forward to continuing to educate my colleagues within HR and the firm of the fantastic opportunities they have to help drive the D&I agenda; HR have the privilege of being able to try and do this with nearly every conversation we have whether it be on pay, talent planning, health and wellbeing, performance – the list is endless in ways we can help create a more inclusive culture for everyone.