Laura Perkins

I am a creative and target driven fundraiser, with a passion for engaging with people and developing the capacity and resources of charities particularly those that support women.

I have been a fundraiser for charities both large and small, from the British Heart Foundation to Find Your Feet. I started my career after university, as an administrator taking calls and sending thank you letters and I loved the opportunity it gave me to talk to people about issues they cared about. I was also really motivated by the difference that every donation made to the lives of the people the charity served. Over the years I have looked for ways to increase my skills and knowledge by taking on new responsibilities and networking with peers. I have also purposefully taken roles in smaller charities to enable me to broaden by experience and help them grow.

In 2006, I undertook an MSc in Development Studies which fuelled my interest in international development issues which led me to work at a number of international charities supporting the economic empowerment of women across the world. A highlight during that time was travelling to meet with colleagues overseas to support them with their own fundraising so they could support more women through their programmes.

I then took the decision to apply what I learned to supporting young women across the UK. Currently manage a small team of fundraisers at Young Women’s Trust, a charity that supports disadvantaged young women to build their confidence, broaden their expectations and find work that’s right for them. My work focuses on building relationships with people, companies and networks to raise awareness of the challenges young women face and find ways for them to make a difference. I also contribute to the charity’s strategic direction, looking for new ways for us to grow our impact on young women’s lives. I am deeply concerned by the growing inequality in the UK and believe strongly that we are all losing out, both economically and socially by not supporting all young women to be socially mobile and fulfil their potential.