Lauren CooperI joined PwC back in 2007 at the age of 19 following a gap year. I was unsure whether to go to uni or start work but having worked for a year at the Bank of England and really enjoying it I decided to quick start into the world of work would be something that I would enjoy. I joined on PwC’s HeadStart scheme as it was known then, aimed at school leavers. I soon realised I had made the right decision!

Having worked at the firm for a little over a year (and still in the midst of exams for my qualification) I found out I was expecting. I has my son in July 2009 and returned to work later that year on a part time basis and returned full time after a year and a half. I expected this time to be a real challenge but PwC were so supportive and allowed me to fit back in at my own pace. Ultimately it was a smooth transition and I have enjoyed being back full time and the flexibility PwC offer since. My progress was not affected in anyway and in July I was promoted to Senior Manager.

My background at the the firm has been asset management focused and I work predominately in the Retail Funds space within our practice. Aside from my day job I also play an active role in learning and development for our first five years and audit transformation which looks at how to develop our product as the world around us changes so rapidly.