Lauren Holland

I am a 25 year old proud and committed member of the surveying profession helping to inspire the next generation, and support the growth of females joining the industry.

I grew up in North London and went as far away from the city as I could to Aberystywth University where I studied and graduated in Geography. Drawing 3D models and being outdoors are things I loved to do and my careers adviser recommended to try out surveying as you get to do both.

I did some work experience and fell in love with the industry and my passion has grown throughout the years. As a surveyor I provide geospatial certainty and everything I do has an impact on the future of London and public safety.

My Murphy Surveys journey started in 2015, Murphy’s is a multidisciplinary company which allowed me to explore all types of specialities. This involved gaining experience in; laser scanning, utility surveys, topographical surveys, site services, area plans and drawing 3D models.

After taking a year out to travel the world, when I came back to Murphy Surveys I decided to specialise in monitoring services which involves being on construction sites most days. In the 3 years I have been working I have progressed from assistant to junior and now am a surveyor, with the responsibility of measuring and processing my own jobs.

Ever seen the instruments on the street that look like cameras with lasers? That is called a total station and is the piece of equipment I use on a daily basis. I have started to attend networking events to spread the awareness of the surveying industry and express how important it is to every day life. Also, I recently found a passion for helping and educating the next generation about the surveying industry and have already attended a few school visits and became a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) ambassador and joined the ”Get Kids Into Survey” campaign. I am excited for what the future of women in this industry will be and can’t wait to be a part of it!