Liz Williams

I am currently a Manager at Moorhouse; a dynamic consulting firm, focused on delivering change and helping clients succeed in their long-term goals.

Over the last eight years I have been lucky enough to have a varied and exciting consulting career, working with a wide range of clients from investment banks to public sector organisations. Whether implementing new regulatory processes, leading global operating model transformation or analysing customer journeys, I have always been fascinated by people and their needs.

As my career has progressed, this fascination has extended to the needs of those around me. Specifically understanding how we can support people to be their ‘best-self’ inside and outside of the workplace – a question which is increasingly important as the world we operate in is becoming more uncertain, complex and ambiguous!

Exploring this question has taken me on an exciting journey, learning more about the world of mental health and wellbeing. Within the first 6 months, I created a mental health framework, trained as a Mental Health First Aider and set up a small team to raise awareness. I was amazed by the interest in this topic and the number of people who wanted to share their own experiences.

Two years on, as well as continuing my job as a consultant and manager, I now lead our Moorhouse Health and Wellbeing Team, which is one of the core pillars of our business and tasked with empowering, equipping and enabling our people to be healthy and happy. Some of my proudest achievements to date include:

  • Seeing the cultural impact of a firm wide Health and Wellbeing event
  • Being awarded “Second Healthiest New Entrant” and overall “Third Healthiest Workplace” within the Small company category in the 2018 Vitality Britain’s Healthiest Workplace survey
  • Being invited to talk about Health and Wellbeing on the Chris Evans Virgin Radio Breakfast Show
  • Seeing our people live and breath healthy behaviours and supporting one another

I’m looking forward to continuing on this health and wellbeing journey and inspiring others to make impactful changes!