Lucienne Edge

I worked in the civil service for 21 years within 3 different departments – Department of Works and Pensions, Home Office and Ministry of Justice, moving around various teams and posts.

All my roles focused on people and their wellbeing. This is an area that I’ve always felt passionate about. In the DWP I worked processing Disability and Attendance Allowance claims. In the Home Office I helped create, implement, run and finally outsource an Intermediary Service which matched young/vulnerable victims or witnesses of crime with registered professionals who could assist them making a police statement or testify in court.

In the Ministry of Justice I moved into HR and had the opportunity to become a trained voluntary Bullying and Harassment Advisor. I provided one on one advice and support as well as carrying out Directorate wide investigations up to, and including, Director level. I was involved in all stages of the process – interviews, report writing, resolution and recommendations. While there, I also helped with the formation and running of a junior staff forum, which were mainly women, increasing their visibility, providing them with a voice and a direct link to senior leaders.

In 2016, I decided I needed to take some time out to reflect. I made the decision to enter the charitable sector and this led to becoming the Membership Administration Manager at The Royal British Legion in Nov 2018. My team and I deal with governance, training, event planning – Annual Conference and County Chairmen’s Seminars and complaints. I’m a regular contributor to the agenda of the Employee Voice forum and try to initiate changes in the work environment as well as an active member of the LGBTQ+ & Allies branch.

I ensure that my team and I consider diversity and inclusion in all aspects of our workstreams and that we’re sensitive to all our members’ requirements. I also highlight areas where improvements can be made across the organisation and encourage others to do the same. It is challenging and a slow process but small steps are being made in the right direction.