Lucy Maddin-Uden

As Group Strategic Project Manager at Keltbray, Lucy is responsible for delivering & implementing strategy for group-wide projects, ensuring joined-up thinking and a tactical approach to major opportunities.

Currently focusing on Heathrow Expansion, with a remint to assist, challenge & advise Board Directors in strategic & tactical thought processes.

Lucy has worked at Keltbray Group for over 5 years, beginning her career in the construction industry as Group Business Development Manager. Following 2 successful years in this role, Lucy saw an opportunity to thrive in a position that spoke to a direct business need. This new role was & is the first of its kind at Keltbray & provides a singular strategic approach across 20+ business units, offering cohesive & integrated delivery, right from inception.

Lucy has a 10 year background in Event & Hospitality Management working for clients including Google & Samsung.