Mansata Kurang

I am a Nesta and Story Futures Immersive Mental Health Fellow at Royal Holloway University of London where I graduated with a First-Class Honours in Mathematics.

My project involves working alongside Psychology Academics to develop immersive solutions for Adults in the UK Mental Health industry. I am a Creative Technologist, passionate about using innovative strategies to fill gaps in the care of vulnerable underrepresented populations and promoting health inclusivity in Adults. As the Founder of Health Tech Start-up VR Revival, I spent the last year building a virtual reality 360 software application for dementia patients so they can experience love and joy through wellness and education. Our Revive VR app was released on Worlds Alzheimer’s Day in 2019 and has now been downloaded in 3 continents with our BBC Worldwide Campaign raising awareness on Dementia having over 500,000 views across TV and social media platforms. I also received positive patient trails and testimonials in South London through collaboration with Hestia Adult Crisis group. I was Finalist for 15 National and International Awards and won 7 Awards for excellence in Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Technology. I love personal development and I am very enthusiast about leading by example to inspire and motivate young women to unlock their full potential and do what they love while impacting the world positively. I am a self-taught technologist and an entrepreneur of excellence with my work featured in many publications such as BBC, The Times and Business Cloud. Prior to VR Revival, I built a platform where Young Professionals can submit inspiring content and I edit it using video and animation in return for donations. Donations are used to give musical training to help poor or war-torn children to unlock their creativity or aid the children going through mental health through music therapy. This evolved to Freestyle 4 Africa Foundation (F4AF) where we donate arts and musical instruments to African schools and impact hundreds of children including the MIS Arts and Music project and the Acholi Voices Uganda Project.