Maria Tadeo

Maria Tadeo has consistently demonstrated outstanding news-judgement and journalistic instincts that have generated impactful scoops that have resonated with Bloomberg Television’s audience of finance professionals and decision makers.

Through her work on the field and in the studio, she has demonstrated a passion and commitment for journalism and business news that makes her rising voice in the City.

Working out of London, Brussels and Madrid, Maria was the first journalist to get an interview in English from French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire after the detention of Carlos Ghosn and broke the news that former Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy would be ousted from office.

Combining European politics, data and economics she has also landed interviews with top ranking European officials and European CEOs including Lufthansa and Societe Generale. Maria has participated in Bloomberg Charity events and a mentoring program organized by Bloomberg with students in the final year of their school education before university.

Maria got a master’s degree in financial journalism from City University to learn more about the subject and financial reporting and gets involved in various stages of TV – she not only reports but books guests, produces her own hits and comes up with story ideas.