Martha Imprialou

After completing a diploma in Computer Engineering Diploma at the National Technical University of Athens, I moved to the UK where I completed a master’s degree in Computer Science and then a PhD in Statistics at the University of Oxford.

I went on to postdoctoral research role at Imperial College London, where my research involved analysis of DNA sequencing data to better understand the genetics of autoimmune diseases.

I joined QuantumBlack in 2016 as a Data Scientist, where I worked across projects that drove business decisions for clients by building advanced analytics and machine learning models. I leveraged my technical skills, initially developing machine learning models to optimise R&D procedures for pharmaceutical clients, before broadening my experience to work across the automotive, financial services and banking sectors.

I was promoted twice in less than two years and was appointed first as Senior Data Scientist and then Jr Principal Data Scientist, leading the technical development of projects and harnessing analytics to deliver strategic problem-solving for clients.

In April 2018 I was promoted again to Analytics Engagement Manager. This was a significant transition, as it involved taking on full end-to-end responsibility for leading and delivering client projects – rather than a purely technical position, I was now responsible for leading a team comprised of data scientists, engineers, designers and developers. Moreover, it saw me take on a hybrid leadership role, communicating between QuantumBlack’s project teams and our clients. This involved engaging with a range of different stakeholders across our client organisations, from operations to C-suite, discussing their commercial challenges while also communicating how our deeply technical analytics work could help them address these issues.

Despite only joining QuantumBlack three years ago, I have become one of the most rapidly promoted employees in the organisation’s history and was the first employee to transition from an analytics-focused technical role into this hybrid management position.