Megha Pande

I have been working for last 8 years in the Corporate communications department doing varied roles ranging from communication specialist, event organiser to handling the brand. In these eight years I have diligently worked to hone my skills by working on a range of projects – campus branding, running a newsletter, bringing online game to spread risk awareness, conducting chat sessions, writing blogs, organising events for more than 2000 people – to name a few.

Some of the projects undertaken have surpassed industry standards and have been rewarded on various platforms. What distinguishes me as a comms. professional is the marketing angle that I bring to my work while conducting internal campaigns. With each of the campaign been measured against client expectations and market standards I can proudly say that most of the projects have been a success.

For certain projects such as using online game, I had to break the cliches and bring forth the millennial sensitivity in order to make the campaign relevant.

I have also brought in out of the box thinking while running social campaigns which helped the team to garner support and participation. Most recent example is driving financial literacy campaign where we had the motto of each one teach one. Under this campaign we were able to teach 5000 people digital ways of handling money. This numbers includes both colleagues and people in communities we interact with. Using colleagues as the face of the campaign and with interesting slogans we attracted more than 30% of our colleagues from the entire database to be a part of the programme.

Along side I work with CEOs and manage their engagement strategies and work towards their branding within the organisation. This includes striking a fine balance between positioning them as thought leaders and being closely connected with colleagues.

All these projects have helped me have both an over arching view of the strategy at the same time be conscious towards nitty gritty involved in making it a success. The journey continues and hope to continue experimenting and challenging my limits.