Michaela Collins

After obtaining a diploma in Architecture and the Building Arts from the Prince of Wales Institute of Architecture, I went on to gain a BA (Hons) in Fine Art from the Byam Shaw School of Art (now part of St Martin’s, University of Arts, London).

I’ve also acquired various professional certifications and have enjoyed working for award-winning international companies, such as Westfield & Grimshaw Architects. I’m currently working as an Executive Assistant at Old Oak and Park Royal Development Corporation, part of the Greater London Authority, and London’s largest regeneration project.

Due to my strong organisational, interpersonal skill and interest in people, I’m an active member of various steering groups and professional networking groups. In November 2018, I was appointed as Vice-Chair of the Women’s Network at the Greater London Authority, supporting women in their career development, celebrating their achievement, and creating a safe, supportive forum organising and chairing networking events.

As Vice-Chair of the Women’s Network, I’ve been instrumental in helping to bridge the gap between the organisations two sites. Through developing essential links with senior management, who have recognised the contribution I’ve made in supporting the Women’s Network, as well as supporting other staff networks, I’ve encouraged greater collaboration. My passion for promoting greater diversity and inclusion, means that I have worked hard to ensure that this is embedded in all network activities and that employee’s voices are heard.

In my spare time, I also volunteer in schools and am also currently completing the Mayor of London’s initiative, Our Time: Supporting Future Leaders programme.