I started my career in Defence back in the 1980’s and have always worked within a HR role with them. Looking after people, developing them and mentoring them to further their careers. As an apprentice manager, I have looked after over 120 apprentices over the last 5 years. Managing them throughout their career. Helping them in the Engineering community that I am involved in. I have had many successes and have seen my apprentices qualify and rise through the ranks in defence.

I have a family with 2 grown up children and have spent time in America accompanying my husband working in defence. During that time I volunteered to help service people in trouble. I am a caring individual and have many roles outside of work with my church.

My Achievements: I have helped over 120 apprentices to qualify as engineers in Defence and I am now a manager of Degree apprenticeship and instrumental in the set-up of that apprenticeship in our area. I work closely with the EEF and IET within this region and 4 of my apprentices have won categories in those competitions.

I am a role model in my area and act as mentors to many apprentices. I actively promote apprenticeships to the wider communities within the south west and believe that apprenticeships are the new best thing.

I am an active church member and help the community I live in and also regularly attend further education colleges and schools to participate in workshops to help students prepare for their first steps in the working world. I have received several commendations for this work.