Michelle Leivars

The Soap Sponge Company was created as a result of a series of traumatic events around 8 years ago.

Myself, my husband and our two daughters’ world was turned upside down following my husband’s accident and my own major surgery, ending up having a hysterectomy at 29 due to a series of hospital blunders. After being a stay at home Mum for 11 years, I found myself needing to take charge of the family unit and try to carve out a future for us.

With no qualifications, no business experience and no confidence, I was at a loss as to how we would recover as a family, frightened with no way to turn and no scope of getting us out of the situation, my mental health plummeted as I tried to navigate the situation we were in.

Financially in ruin, we had to visit food banks to get by and our future looked uncertain. Upon receiving their food bank parcels, it contained a sample sized body lotion, which was a luxury I had been unable to afford, and after using it I remember feeling so special and pampered.

At such a dark time, that one action of using that product lifted my spirits and in the midst of the chaos made me feel human again.

It was from that moment that I vowed to dedicate her future to making other people feel special, if only for a short time, just as I had at that moment.

In the years that followed we slowly started to get back on our feet and eventually The Soap Sponge Company was born. We have a deep rooted passion for self care, having kept our experiences at the forefront of our minds, every product is made with the same desire to deliver that same special and pampered feeling I had all those years ago. We handmake our products in our High Street shop in Witney, Oxfordshire, using kind to skin, vegan friendly ingredients.

The business ethos is that every single person deserves to feel special, you are all important, you are all worthy and everyone should practise self care, no matter how small, something so simple can make you feel special and human again.