Micky Lagvankar

I am a proud Army daughter and wife and an alumnus of prestigious (B’Tech) Motilal Nehru National institute of Technology.

I started my career with Goldman Sachs Bangalore, as an intern. Here, I learnt the most important work ethic of being true to your work and giving your best from the very start.

I got appreciated for my work during the internship and was offered pre-placement offer which I gladly accepted because there was so much more I wanted to learn from the great organisation. I worked with Goldman Sachs for 4 years in their Asset management Team and the Private wealth management Team.

Joining them as a NAPA exposed us to lot of networking and training opportunities in India and New York from the finest of trainers in the Capital Market industry. Being new was never a deterrent in giving me the opportunity to work on critical projects; this exposure gave me the confidence that I can do it.

I got the opportunity to work as a developer on an Order management tool with the latest tools and coding platform in an agile and test driven methodology way back in 2007. It was in Goldman Sachs that my interest in Business domain increased, to pursue my career further in Risk and Analytics.

I moved to Pune and joined Credit Lyonnais Securities Asia as development lead to deliver their Basel II commitment for Credit Risk. During this period at CLSA I traveled every weekend to Mumbai to pursue Certificate in Financial Engineering and Risk Management from National Institute of Securities Market [an education initiative by SEBI.

I came across the opportunity to work on the latest implementation of Basel III in Barclays Credit Risk division. This helped me to learn a lot about the things I was taught in my course and gain appreciation and recognition. My hard work was rewarded with the opportunity to lead the Credit Risk and Market Risk Project testing team globally.

While working with this wonderful team all across the Globe for the last 3 years I have learnt a lot about how as a team we can achieve so much personally and for the firm.

During my 10 year career I have been blessed to have 2 beautiful kids and get back to work, seeing me working my kids also have become appreciative of my efforts and are very independent.

Rarely one is so lucky to have come across so many wonderful opportunities, so I tried to make most of them but at the same time I have continued to apply my first lesson of doing my best every time every day.