Millie Smyth

I’m fiercely passionate about enabling people to bring their best selves to work every day, and I feel very lucky to focus on that as my day job.

After an HR internship at an energy company and a stint teaching English as a Foreign Language, I joined Accenture as a graduate in 2015 within the Management Consulting business – driven by a curiosity to learn about different businesses quickly! From here, I soon found my way into world of Talent and Organisation, specialising in the people-side of our client transformation projects, and developing an interest in behavioural science, innovative communications, cultural change and future workforce trends.

Meanwhile outside of my client work, I became very involved in the wider engagement agenda at Accenture and took great joy in mobilising initiatives across project teams and business areas: from fundraising for charity to shaping wellbeing initiatives, to establishing bottom-up feedback processes, to leading an employee interest group for gender parity. Six months ago, I followed my heart and transferred internally to our Human Capital & Diversity team to make this my day job – where I partner with the business, our HR teams and our people to co-create and embed solutions that make a meaningful difference.

As someone with ‘neurodiversity’ (both dyslexia and bipolar disorder), I have experienced first-hand the difference the right support can make, and I’m deeply invested in designing a workplace that allows everyone to thrive.