Mirabell Mayak

Using my heritage to promote Francophone Africa as a viable destination for investment.

Francophone Africa is a hard to access market which offers virgin opportunities. However, it is a world based on strong networks. With a mixed heritage, German mother and Father from Cameroon I have quickly understood that bringing these two worlds of opportunities together needs a soft sales approach and someone like me. Making these countries a viable destination for investment was done through Roadshows, conferences, and the informal way, which lead to becoming a true alternative to the usual institutional ways for investors. I believe in life skills rather then academic skills.

At the African Investment day which is an SME we have the flexibility and agility that I would have not found in a bigger structure to mould a place in the world of finances

I understood that there was a gap to be filled between the two continents of opportunities. so I invented the business events, a soft sales approach to sell a destination for investment which has led to generating leads, building an impressive portfolio of clients and being a sharp competition in the investment sector.

I have a strong international events background that has helped me, when bringing people together in a creative way. However, customer relations are my biggest strength.

Being a woman in a male dominated sector has taught me a few things but it has taught them to make space for female leadership and that soft sales paired with soft skills is not to be underestimated.