Molly Scanlon

After completing my A-Levels, at 18 years old I undertook the role of Legal Administrator at Roche, the world’s largest biotech company.

As an in-house Administrator I was able to take on a wide range of tasks from proofreading contracts and assigning training to more extensive work, namely acting as Data Protection Champion for the site and developing the first ever Roche Bursary Scheme.

After my year at Roche I began studying Law at the University of Kent, the first of many steps towards qualifying as a Solicitor. My extracurriculars were varied but most notably included rowing for the University’s club, helping to run an on-campus foodbank for food-insecure students and providing pro-bono support to local domestic abuse survivors.

Upon graduating I started working as a Freelance Legal Consultant alongside my job in retail, offering Paralegal support upon request.

In October, I started working as Assistant Legal Counsel for the Wine Society, where I have continued to develop my skills and legal expertise.