Monique Wheatle

Monique Wheatle is a student doctor in her penultimate year of study at the University of Birmingham.

Prior to studying medicine, she achieved a first class degree in Biomedical science, during which she co-founded African Caribbean Medical Mentors (ACMM). ACMM is a charity dedicated to realising the potential of current and future doctors and dentists from African and Caribbean descent. As CEO, she runs a core team of 17 volunteers, supported by a wider network of over 700 individuals . She has also been involved in a number of research initiatives, namely the ‘mindset project’ which aims to improve the learning experience of first year students who study in Birmingham, and through her dissertation which centred around improving patient participation in clinical trials. She has volunteered throughout her studies, including medical volunteering in Nicaragua, conducting triage and delivering medication to rural communities, and has delivered engaging sessions for children on dialysis at Birminghams Children Hospital. She is a podcast host of ‘Generation Medicine’, a podcast which discusses topical issues in medicine and hosts inspirational guests who are making an impact in the medical community. She supports upcoming students through part-time tuition and running mock interviews for students, and is a mentor for a number of students who currently study Biomedical Science through an internal society.