Morag Ofili

Morag is an employed Barrister at boutique law firm Harbottle & Lewis LLP.

She has long been a strong advocate of equality, diversity and inclusion. Specialising in tax, a practice area that is not occupied by many black women, she recognises the importance of being a role model in her field and acts as a mentor to many female and ethnic minority members of the profession.

From the outset of her career, Morag has been passionate about diversity and inclusion. During her studies, following the murder of an inmate at HMP Brixton, she was given the opportunity to work within the prison’s diversity team and carry out assessments of prison practices and policies that were deemed to be institutionally racist and make recommendations for improvements to the system.

As a committee member of the Black Barristers’ Network (BBN), Morag played an important role in the data analysis that underpinned the 2020 BBN report on the experiences of Black Barristers at the self-employed Bar. These findings were reported in the press and have been used to drive conversations with key stakeholders. She also has speaks to primary school children about being a barrister as part of the BBN’s belief that all children benefit from seeing minority representation at the Bar.

Outside of work, Morag is a director of Broadminded, a network for ambitious women which puts out content which aims to inspire, educate and motivate women in the world of work.

Morag has recently started her own diversity and inclusion advisory business called Kiltered, which provides diversity and inclusion advice to organisations across the UK and Europe.