Naa Mettle-Nunoo is a Senior Associate and Strategic Projects Manager at JPMorgan. She leads the training and communication work stream for the Economic model project, a multi-year project to enhance client experience, increase transparency and comply with local regulations.

Naa graduated cum laude with an economics degree from Mount Holyoke College in 2008 and joined JPMorgan in New York. In 2010, she moved to London and immediately joined the leadership team of BOLD, the network for employees of African and Caribbean heritage. She currently serves as Marketing Chair managing a team across London, Bournemouth and Glasgow.

During her long tenure on the leadership team, membership has grown from 100 to 725 with 60% of members now from non-African/Caribbean/Black heritage. They also received the Network Impact Award at the 2015 Black British Business Awards. Naa is most proud of her work with Business in the Community, where she mentored 14 young, unemployed BAME individuals over a three week period in Brixton.

Naa lives with her husband and two sons in Kent.