Natasha Day

Hi! My name is Natasha Day. Prior to joining the armed forces I was a dancer and ballet teacher in Birmingham.

I joined the British Army as a combat medical technician in April 2014. I have deployed to Kenya, South Sudan and various exercises in both the UK and overseas. I am currently studying to become a paramedic which is amazing!

I had my son Charlie in October 2019 and returned to work March 2020 at the start of the pandemic to an extremely busy phase 1 training establishment. Being a mother has changed my life completely. I absolutely live for my son and want to give him every ounce of me, but I’m also very career focused and love being a medic.

In June 2020 I set out to create the Defence Breastfeeding Network to bring together service families who may have been struggling either at home, or returning to work in defence.

Alongside the network I have been working on becoming qualified to support breastfeeding mothers, weighing in on policy changes and creating material such as posters to normalise breastfeeding within the armed forces, which as you can imagine, is quite a heavily male dominated work place.

I have recently completed 24 hours of exercise to raise money for the Royal British legion and conducted an online charity raffle and socially distant patch cake sale to raise funds for ABF the soliders charity. I also received a DPHC commendation for my work in the medical centre during the COVID pandemic in 2020.

I truly believe you should never have to prioritise either feeding your children or your career, and that with the right support system in place, both can work simultaneously. I am so passionate about breastfeeding, but I’m more passionate about empowering women to make their own decisions, empowered women are unstoppable!