Noorina Ramdhay

I am Noorina Ramdhay a relationship Manager for HSBC UK Wealth and Retail Banking where I have worked for over 15 years.

I came to the UK in 2000 from Mauritius to continue my studies in Programming but took a gap year to marry my childhood sweetheart in Wirral who is also Mauritian. My biggest accomplishment is raising our 2 amazing daughters. I am also self-accomplished website developer with an obsessive relationship with technology who thoroughly enjoy using innovation to bring solutions & change to people’s lives. This passion drove me to start my own cleaning business in my spare time to employ single mums who are mostly on benefits and can only work during school hours, another one is a small care services business to offer care to Mauritian expats in Mauritius following my dad’s stroke in 2017 and now my most recent fulfilling accomplishment is Clothing Bank (WIRRAL) founded in May 2020 during the 2nd lockdown of COVID-19 in my garage. Since its start, Clothing Bank has provided used clothing to over 140 people in Wirral of which over 60% are children. Until Feb 2021, I had to rely on myself & friends to help me sort through clothing which I would deliver to our service users, however now we have a strong team of 31 committed volunteers which means Clothing bank is nearly at the stage where it will run itself and looking forward to registering it as a charity in the next couple of months. Despite everything else I do my dedication and interest remains to HSBC for my story is a very a fortunate one. Thanks to the unconditional support and work life balance my work has provided me in the last 15 years, I have been able to be my best self in all my other adventures. My view on life is one which leaves a legacy, make such an impact that you will genuinely be missed and lead a life of discipline without regrets. My moto is ‘focus on what you have and not what you don’t’, whether this is health, love or skills….