Olamide Dada

Olamide Dada is a medical student and the founder of Melanin Medics, a non-profit charitable organisation for the present and future African and Caribbean doctor.

In her early years at Medical School, Olamide started Melanin Medics as a blog having realised that there were very few African and Caribbean students in medical schools across the UK. Determined to find a way to share her journey and encourage prospective African and Caribbean students to apply to study Medicine at university, she set up Melanin Medics in June 2017. The blog soon grew to become a nationally recognised organisation which aims to promote diversity in Medicine, widen aspirations and aid career progression. Melanin Medics supports African and Caribbean aspiring medics, medical students and doctors in the UK who have been found to face a number of challenges on their career journeys. Melanin Medics has been focused to implement positive solutions which will help to overcome underrepresentation and socio-economic barriers in Medicine.

Olamide is an advocate for youth social action and continues to amalgamate her two loves, medicine and social equality, in order to positively influence and inspire the next generation.

Olamide is also a current Scholar the Healthcare Leadership Academy and sits as a member on the GMC Equality and Diversity advisory board.

Her education and experiences in leadership further introduced her to current health policy debates and medico-political issues, sparking her interest specifically in healthcare leadership and the opportunities to bring about change and put forward solutions to benefit the health sector. Olamide is passionate about racial equality, leadership, widening participation and empowering young people.

In 2018, Olamide received the Rare Rising Star Award at the House of Commons having been recognised as one of the Top 10 Black students in the UK, she was also recognised as one of the Powerlist Media Top 100 Future Leaders 2018 and welcomed to No.10 Downing Street as a result. Olamide was a recipient for the Akindolie Medical Scholarship awarded to minority ethnic medical students with strong leadership potential.