Oyiza Momoh

Oyiza is an advocate for the development of others and access to opportunities.

During her Neuroscience degree, she contributed to a peer-reviewed paper on the relationship between depression and stroke, hoping to increase awareness and understanding of a topic that she believes affects many but is not discussed enough. She volunteered as a First Aider in Scotland for 5 years before helping to expand the charity, First Aid Africa, and co-founding its Glasgow chapter. Again, helping to train communities, healthcare workers and government authorities in skills that can save lives.

In her professional career, Oyiza is Clinical Data Manager at GSK, working to develop medicines for patients with unmet clinical needs. She recently published on the importance of inclusion and diversity in clinical trials, hoping to promote discussion within patient advocacy groups. She also leads the Women’s Leadership Initiative for GSK’s Global HQ (GSK House), providing development opportunities for women, shining a spotlight on inequality and driving forward our ambition of gender parity. Oyiza is a keen STEM Ambassador, leading a network of STEM Ambassadors at GSK House and contributing heavily to GSK’s UK STEM strategy.

She is passionate about coaching and mentoring, having benefited personally and professionally from the kindness offered by others.