My first official job was working at Marks and Spencer during my A-levels and what an eye opener this was for me! I was the youngest member of staff to be offered a permanent role within 3 months after joining as a Christmas temp and this really again highlighted my passion and drive. Following this I then broaden my understanding within the transport sector and worked for Norwegian Airlines during my summer, I cannot emphasise how much I loved this job and I think it primarily stems from my love and passion for aviation.

Once completing my A-levels I then started my first full time job with Transport for London as a General Manager Degree Apprentice. This role involves studying one day a week at University and working for four days. As stressful as this was in the beginning and I commonly refer to it as I was drowning! I thoroughly enjoined it and the adrenalin that comes with it!

I am helping others via external channels as I actively seek out to secondary schools, requesting to speak with pupils about apprenticeships and higher education. This has really helped me as an individual see the barriers that are present behind apprenticeships. Furthermore it helps pupils by instilling confidence within their decision about going to University or choosing an Apprenticeship by having someone to speak with. Furthermore I am actively seeking new ways to communicate to students about becoming a leader and overcoming harsh barriers through a YouTube channel which is still currently in progress.

Alongside all of this I also have my own cupcake business that I started at the age of 15 with my twin sister – so I guess you could say that I am a bit busy with everything but I think what’s most important is that I am passionate about every bit of it.