Patrick McCrae

Entrepreneur and investor focussing on business models with economic longevity and positive social impact.

Great interest in how businesses can do good, give people purpose and be profitable. CEO and co-founder of ARTIQ, global arts and cultural consultancy.

In the wake of the 2008/09 financial crisis, I established ARTIQ as an ethical business to marry the arts and business worlds. The plan was to open a market where artists could rely on a regular income through paid-for exhibitions. Today, we rent art collections to 100s of corporates, many in London, show businesses how art can provoke conversation and educate, and advise global hospitality brands on how to become next generation galleries and museums. Considering 98% of clients have never rented art before, it is incredible that in the last three years we have paid over £5mn to artists whilst pushing for more inclusion and diversity in the arts sector.

As an LGBTQ+ leader I am committed to building a truly inclusive sector. ARTIQ is equally gender split at Board level, and our commitment to identifying new talent means we have established multiple exhibitions to increase the visibility of international diverse and emerging artists who are under-represented in the art world. Our annual Graduate Art Prize invests in the artists of tomorrow; Queer Frontiers fundraises for local charities. Last year’s support of Renaissance Foundation exemplified how diverse communities can engage and educate one another and how acting collective, drawing on local participation can truly impact change on a grand scale.