Patrizia Capogreco

Patrizia is a Senior Application Engineer, supporting EMEA Adhesive Solutions for Transportation Industry at 3M and a  STEM role model for the next generation

A Material Scientist, a patent applicant who recently achieved the exclusive European Adhesive Engineer (EAE) certification, granted by the European Welding Federation.

Patrizia was born and raised in Italy. She was full of curiosity, enthusiasm, supported and encouraged in her learning and her aspirations by her family.

She studied materials science at university in Milan and Strasburg in France, specializing in composite materials and soon started working closely with both customers in the transportation market and the 3M Research and Development labs to develop new applications

Following 3M vision, Science needs to approach real applications to solve materials, products, equipment, process related issues and Application engineers play a critical role connecting technologies with the needs of customers, with women typically underrepresented on this career path. 

Being part of a multicultural team Patrizia strongly believes in the power of comparison and collaboration of technical teams with different experiences and skills: the creativity that derives from it in solving a problem she thinks is the real key to scientific innovation. And that is how she has been named as an inventor on a patent relating to a high-profile customer project.

Patrizia is a STEM Ambassador encouraging and inspiring young people to consider a career in science, technology, engineering and maths with the mission to support kids to see themselves reflected in the science community, no matter their gender, ethnicity, or ability.

She also advocates for diversity in STEM being Lean In Circle leader and Gold facilitator of #IamRemarkable initiative, empowering women and other underrepresented groups to celebrate their achievements in the workplace and beyond. Her daughter, Beatrice, has been an insp​​iration for Patrizia to continue her drive to give those who are underrepresented in STEM a voice so they can reach their full potential.