Ben Stevenson | Chief of Staff, Bloom Procurement Services

Photograph of Ben StevensonBen is Chief of Staff at North East Headquartered Bloom Procurement Services.

Over the last 10 years, he has built an exciting career in operational and C-Suite support roles than have allowed him to live and work in all four corners of the UK and embed the unique skills and experiences from each into his role today. Driven by Bloom’s purpose, Ben is motivated to make the company’s strategic goals and objectives by doing whatever it takes to bridge the gap from thought to reality, including in his role where he leads Bloom’s sustainability agenda. Ben is passionate about the administrative support industry and has worked with several PA & EA networking groups, talking, and raising awareness of key issues, such as toxic perfectionism, the role of the male EA in the industry and the future of the Executive Assistant profession. A 2021 EA of the Year finalist, he has a solid appreciation and understanding of how recognising outstanding administrative professionals plays a major part in the evolution of perception and respect for the industry.