Martina Satherlund | Global Head of Market Data, Fidelity International

Martina SatherlundThe last 5 years Martina have worked for Fidelity International and have spearheaded global programmes ranging from automation and process improvements to global Market Data strategies and cloud enablement.

Before that Martina spent 15 years working in the field of Market- and Reference Data. Martina have worked extensively with all types of capital markets data, and expanded her expertise in financial markets into areas such as evaluated pricing services, reference data management and derived/non-display data.

She has a strong passion for diversity and I been a big contributor to starting our Women in Technology group, where our aim is to give a platform for women in technology at Fidelity to build up their network, as well as provide a podium to showcase the talent and role models we have in the organisation. She actively challenges the status quo, spearheading the change that is needed to create not only a more equal, but also a more understanding and supportive environment for women. Martina has rolled out unconscious bias training across COO. Being a mentor internally and externally, she has actively enlisted male and female mentors to support women – a scheme which has led to more women progressing to senior roles.