I work in the Model Development Team in Barclays, with an involvement in ten geographical locations and eight products for Africa. My work includes developing Business and Impairment Models. I have spent three years in the current role with one promotion. Furthermore, I act as Secretary to Africa Risk Technical Committee which approves models.

In parallel, I have been mentoring graduates in the team. I design and conduct a variety of training schemes for graduates and other members of the unit, ranging from technical to credit life cycle. I also run a RnR programme for the Unit and have conducted various employee engagement initiatives.

Prior to Barclays, I spent a year working in Merchandise Analytics at one of the biggest Retail Chains of US. I completed my Masters in Quantitative Economics from Indian Statistical Institute Delhi, where I led the Placement Committee. In school, I have been part of the student council for three years and served as the Head Girl. Along with this, I have been part of the school badminton team and volleyball team, representing my school in zonals. I was an active participant in debates and declamations across three languages – English, Hindi and French.