An entrepreneur embraces risk. Rachel’s target audiences and markets are some of the most risk averse, magnified in uncertain times.

Rachel Brushfield is The Talent Liberator.

Incurably curious, with a ‘wide angle zoom lens brain’, she thinks across career, talent, learning, marketing and branding. Insights, ideas and making connections are at the heart of who she is and what she does. Comfortable with both risk and uncertainty, Rachel’s business Energise has been independent and self-funded for over 20 years and she regularly takes career retreats to look at trends, take stock, creating space to think, write and let new ideas percolate.

18 years before lawyers saw the merit in non-lawyers, Rachel focused on the legal profession creating thought leadership, seeing ahead the opportunity to help a fast-changing profession needing innovation, but inhibited by its own risk-aversion and business model.

Rachel is passionate about helping people to achieve uplifting transformational career and business breakthroughs and has pioneered the lawyer career change and lawyer portfolio career sectors e.g. she initiated the first ever portfolio career and changing career direction events for The Law Society. Her inventive ‘squeezing oranges’ CV approach has been helping professionals to successfully reposition themselves in their career for over 30 years.

Rachel energises professionals to see their transferable skills, feel hope and gain career fulfillment. A decade before content curation, she created 120 short topics and a career e course and marketing content to help more people.

A published author on gender balance for the IBA, Rachel helps women to ‘blow their own trumpet’ and create inspiring portfolio careers. She is co-founder of her own women’s network, PWHub and has helped at The Law Society Returners course pro bono for over 6 years.

Rachel sees D&I as individualism and hopes that in future, employers ‘unbox’ and liberate talent.