Rachyel Ainsworth

I am currently serving at the Food Services Training Wing (FSTW) as a military catering instructor, my job role involves the career development, teaching and mentoring of chefs within the Armed Forces.

My current position requires a professional outlook on all aspects of catering issues from professional cookery and people management as well as coaching and mentoring younger chefs within the trade to enhance their own knowledge and ability. I also support the delivery of our apprenticeship programme as well as delivering training in nutrition outside of my normal work routine.

I have previously been posted in Cyprus, Colchester and Germany throughout my Military career with key responsibilities within my job roles being the day to day running of shifts within a catering environment and the planning and organisation of functions, I also oversaw a number of chefs within the facilities to which I was working on a strict time table including rosters, as well as the coaching and mentoring of less experienced chefs.

I have spent time as a chef working in various locations whilst on deployments and exercises such as; Afghanistan, Kuwait, Kenya, Czech Republic, Poland and USA to name a few. I have also had the opportunity to cater for Royalty, high ranking military staff and such like.

I have been a member of the Combined Culinary Arts Team (CSCAT) for 7 years and have competed in many National and International competitions. I am also the Captain of the Army Buffet Team to which I coach and mentor a variety of chefs with different levels of knowledge and experience to gain success in competitions and recommend members of the Army team to be selected for the Combined Services Team.