Rahma Javed 1

Rahma leads the Restaurants group at Deliveroo, a European tech unicorn.

Originally from Canada, Rahma is a computer engineering graduate from the University of Toronto who has worked in startups as well as tech giants including Microsoft, IBM, and Blackberry across locations including Toronto, Seattle, and Silicon Valley. She moved to London two years ago after securing the Tier 1 UK Top Talent visa.

Rahma’s team currently focuses on building technology to help Deliveroo become the preferred partner for its restaurants and driving growth and profitability for them. Her previous focus was building products in the financial advisory space at Wealthfront such as the 529 College Savings Plan as well as the Portfolio Line of Credit. Rahma has diverse and global experience across America, Canada, and UK in building and managing teams.

Championing Diversity and Education

Championing diversity in the workplace and encouraging women into STEM careers is a clear passion for Rahma. She takes an active role to speak at schools and conferences along with mentoring young talent from underprivileged backgrounds. Her most significant career accomplishment was leading a college savings product that allows individuals to invest and secure their child’s college education.

Tech Advisor 

Rahma is an active member of the tech communities across the world as she advises various companies on using technology to advance their mission. She sits on the board of Charity Right UK whose aim is to provide regular meals to school children from underprivileged households to allow them to focus on education. Additionally, Rahma sits on the board of FactMata whose aim is to eliminate biased, hateful and misleading content on the internet and Mammalo whose aim is to provide affordable services delivered to your door.

First Generation Immigrant

Rahma’s passion for promoting diversity, gender balance, and empowering young minds with education stems from being a first-generation immigrant herself whose parents moved from Pakistan to Canada in hopes of a better future. She has faced issues in the workplace and the larger society that stems from a lack of diversity and empathy. She wants to be the role model for others that she never had and use her position to promote a more inclusive world.