Ramya Rao

A Naval officer’s daughter, a republic day parade NCC cadet, my beliefs are strongly driven by these experiences created in my younger days.

While people complain of how they fall short of time, I come with a belief that 24 hours is good enough to achieve anything and everything. Why choose only one career option when you can do two? Successfully managing time by being a corporate trainer in the Learning and Development space, I also take time out to pursue my passion in Dance by creating fusion choreography of Belly dancing and Kuchipudi , having introduced belly dancing on a kuchipudi plate.

With the help of my brand KALANECA, along with my sister and mother, I promote the handloom of Uppada, Andhra. Dance and Sarees keep me closer to my roots. While doing all of this, I take time out during weekends to compere corporate events as a hobby.

My colleagues at work call me the ambassador of ‘Life beyond work’. I aim to inspire the thought that we are all born to create something extraordinary, let us not settle for anything less.

We are all superhumans, we don’t need only one superman or one wonderwoman.