Rand Alkhatib

Rand believes in her ability as a woman engineer to make an impact in the world.

This comes from a strong drive for social welfare and improvement, shaped by her childhood in Baghdad. She is continuously demonstrating being bold and knows that failing is an acceptable part of improving.

Rand comes from a family of doctors, yet she decided to follow her passion and study Civil Engineering. She started her career in 2014 with Arcadis Middle East, where she became part of the Conveyance team (Water Sector) and has used her set of skills and knowledge in preparation of Wet Utilities masterplans for cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi. In 2017 Rand transferred to Arcadis UK where she focused on improving water resilience for UK’s major water companies and creating optimised solutions for the networks considering capital and operational costs, resilience, water quality and hydraulic performance using new technologies.
In her second year, Rand was selected as one of the top 3 globally for Arcadis’ Global Shapers; a highly selective program designed for young professionals with prospects of shaping the future of Arcadis. And currently acting as global shaper ambassador to young professionals.

In 2018 and in celebration of International Women in Engineering day in the UK. Rand was selected as one of her company’s role models in that year of engineering.

Rand was also successful in securing a place on the Women in Engineering Course with STEM careers for further development, sharing experiences and creating strong women in engineering network. She also actively presents her company in University career fairs to promote careers in STEM.

Rand played an integral part in launching Roots of Arcadis in Dubai (A program designed to provide leadership and growth opportunities to young professionals and foster a sense of collaboration and culture-sharing across business lines). She was also elected by senior leaders to be Arcadis’ young representative and committee member in ACE (Association of Consultancy and Engineering); and through her role, Rand has helped junior Arcadians to expand their professional networks.