Having dedicated my studies to Law, with a strong focus on criminal law and justice, I was thrown a curve ball when changes to the criminal law funding system meant I exited my education and professional training into a landscape of limited opportunities. Understanding the importance of resilience and finding opportunities that work for you, I soon found myself as a Graduate Trainee within the Metropolitan Police Service Directorate of Information where I developed a solid base of project management, business analysis and contract management (a nod of recognition to my years of legal studies!) skills, whilst gaining true insight into frontline policing and the behind the scenes support required to help officers deliver the best service to the community. Ever the one to relish new challenges, I chose to move to Transport for London to further develop my business analysis skills and try out a new sector. This period saw me enhance my relationship management skills and also provided me with an opportunity to train and lead on employee engagement and its link to developing high performing teams within an organisation; a subject I remain passionate about to this day. When I moved to my current role within Deloitte, I knew instantly it was an opportunity to get back into the Criminal Justice Sector and I have embedded myself within the Security and Justice Account team, delivering to a client base I feel truly invested in. I thoroughly relish the role I play in developing advice and guidance to clients on the challenges they face; ensuring the quality of the service they deliver to the public is never compromised in an environment of intense public scrutiny and demanding budgetary pressures.