Rising Stars in Facilities Management 2016

Introducing our Rising Stars winners in the Faciilties Management category for 2016

Elaine Gibson


I have worked for the NSPCC for nine year’s, I started as their Receptionist and have worked my way up to the Facilities Manager. I absolutely love what I do and have the added bonus of bundles of job satisfaction to be able to go home at the end of every day knowing you made a difference. One of my proudest achievements at the NSPCC was to set up the apprenticeship scheme, working along side another Charity called City Gateway who work with YP from challenging backgrounds. I have committed 2 years to each apprentice, I work with them on all levels guiding/mentoring them through their apprenticeship and supporting them through some difficult personal situations. I am now reaping the rewards as I watch them leave the NSPCC into full time employment having turned their life around. I also volunteer for Childline after work as a Children’s telephone counsellor it’s a total honour to be a part of these young people’s lives.

Lianne Lawson

Interserve Construction

I have worked with Interserve for over eigth years and moved from a trainee engineer to a senior site manager running one of Interserve’s flagship projects for 2015, Factory 2050 in Sheffield. Whilst working full time at Interserve, I completed my degree: Construction Management(BSc) where I won Leeds Metropolitan University student of the year, and a training trust award with Interserve for my continued education whilst working.  In 2015 I was also highly commended as Employee of the Year for Interserve Construction and was part of the successful ‘Team of the Year’ for works at Factory 2050 for Interserve plc.  I am a board director for the Interserve Employee Foundation and most importantly a mother to my 9 year old daughter who has been a part of my life throughout all of my studies and work.

Mary O’Connor

London Bridge Quarter Estate Management

Facilities is an ever changing and developing industry that I love being part of and seeing the possibilities it presents. My Mother taught me, that hard work speaks for itself, passion is addictive and independence is a good quality to have.

I have reached where I am today by being honest, having pride in my work and saying yes to doing things initially outside my skill set. Some of the most interesting projects I have worked on have been things I didn’t know how to do before. Being part of the BIFM Rising FM Sig being a perfect example.

I continually strive to learn and understand more about the industry and try to instil that knowledge and curiosity in my team. Further to this I am extremely passionate about gender parity and helping inspire girls to get into FM and savouring all the exciting challenges it has to offer.

Sophie Kimber


Sophie Kimber graduated from Central Saint Martins in 2010 before working in various administration roles. She started at ISS UK Ltd in January 2013 where her career in Procurement began. Sophie is studying towards her MCIPS qualifications of which she has achieved her Diploma and is 4/5 through the Advanced Diploma. Sophie is a motivated and ambitious individual continuously striving for career progression which is evident through 2 promotions in the last 3 years. Sophie has a positive and adaptable approach to work with a range of diverse skills, she yearns success and is keen to learn, develop new expertise and has the ability to work assertively and professionally.

Cheryl-Anne Sanderson

G4S FM UK & Ireland

I have been employed by G4S Facilities Management for just under four years, starting initially as a Service Manager and rising to my current position as Regional Manager for Wales on the Ministry of Justice TFM contract. I believe that to succeed in the FM industry you have to have enthusiasm, drive, the ability to communicate effectively and most crucially, be able to listen and engage with both your client and your own team. I firmly believe that successful managers operate most effectively when working within a great team.

I actively promote collaborative working and encourage my colleagues and team at all levels to widen their aspirations, expand their experiences and seek new qualifications. I’m very proud to work in the FM industry and am keen to promote this profession as an exciting, challenging and varied career choice for young people to consider. I would also like to encourage more women to join the sector and have have recently become a committee member for the Young Managers’ Forum.