In 2016, thanks to the help of a number of amazing supporters and sponsors, WeAreTheCity ran its Rising Star awards programme for a second year.

The aim of the awards was to identify 100 future leaders and role models under, management level, across 10 different industries. After more than 800 nominations and an intensive judging period, we finally arrived at our shortlist and opened the public vote.

The public vote resulted in over 27,000 votes from across 112 different countries and galvanised amazing support from our nominees’ networks, their companies, the press, as well as our own sponsors and supporters.

After a final judging process, we identified our amazing top 100 winners and celebrated their awards alongside our sponsors at a ceremony hosted by Barclays.

We spoke to our winners about life after winning a Rising Star award.

First we spoke with Alexandra Merisoiu, Founder and Coach of The Merisoiu Technique – Institute Of Health & Human Movement, and a winner in our Rising Stars in Sport Category, sponsored by Pedalsure.

Alexandra, tell us what has happened in your career since winning the Rising Star awards back in June?

“Firstly I added the Rising Star In Sport Award on my website, for everyone to see. In the months following the award my following increased a lot faster than before, which I was pleased about. I joined AirBnb on their Experience Hosts programme, so now I am experience host on their website, for the London area.

Pretty good collaboration if you ask me. I had a series of interviews and asked to speak at summits throughout the year which raised my profile and grew my business. I was contacted to go live on BBC radio. I believe the Rising Star awards also raised my profile in the industry and in the eyes of prospective clients. My business grew at a steady pace since June 2016.”

What top tips would you give to our other members to enhance their careers?

“Everyone sees the results you have, everyone sees you waving from the podium with a medal around your neck. What no one sees is what happens behind closed doors, and that is the effort, the work, the daily grind. It’s what you do behind scenes, how much you put into being successful when no one is looking that’ll place you at the top of you company and/or your industry. If you look at athletes they train for years to perform for 2 min in front of the public and judges.

Another thing is discipline. Some people attach negative feelings to discipline, however without it nothing would be done. Discipline means you brush your teeth every day, you dress up to go to the office every day, and you get work done. Discipline gets things done.

Lastly consistency. Nothing can be achieved without being consistent. Looking again at athletes, they practice the same routine hundreds and thousands of times. Sometimes it’s one tiny technique they practice, it is drilled into them. And it is drilled every day, every week, every month. Why? Because consistent practice leads to success.

Of course there are many other skills and abilities that come into being successful but these are my top ones I believe. The ones that got me from nothing to being recognized in my industry, being invited to interviews, to writing in newspapers, receiving awards, and of course making a living doing what I love.”

Next we spoke to Claudine Adeyemi, Associate at Mishcon de Reya, and winner of our Rising Stars in Law category, sponsored by ReedSmith.

Claudine, please tell us what has happened in your career since winning the Rising Star awards back in June?

“Since winning the Rising Star award in June 2016, I am continuing to excel, taking on more responsibility for my cases.  I attended my first mediation recently, was successful in court on an application I made and successfully defended an application in the High Court. I have also featured on Mishcon de Reya’s “Mishcon Shapers” podcast.  My interview with Mishcon’s Director of Business Development, Eliott Moss is available for prospective lawyers to listen to in order to find out more about life at Mishcon.

In October, I spoke to an audience of 200-300 people at the Law Society for their annual Black History Month Inspiration Evening sharing my story and providing the audience with my top tips for success.

Since winning the Rising Star award I have also delivered talks and workshops to young people, including at the Law Society’s widening school participation day and to a church. I also sat on the panel for a young entrepreneur competition at the Southbank Centre’s STRIVE Festival.

I am also now a social mobility ambassador for the Law Society. In this role, I am supporting the Law Society in their mission to ensure that prospective lawyers understand that the legal sector is open to them to pursue successful careers.

I am featured in the exhibit in the main lobby of the Law Society and they have shared my story in written and video format on their website in a bid to inspire more people from less privileged backgrounds to consider a career in the profession.

With The Student Development Co. we also launched our mobile app, Career Ear. Career Ear is an app which allows young people thinking about their careers to ask career-related questions with professionals providing responses.  It is the UK’s first Q&A careers advice app and is a revolutionary approach to dealing with the lack of access to quality careers advice and support, particularly for marginalised groups.

I have also been a finalist in the National Diversity Awards (Positive Role Model (Age)) and Black British Business Awards (Rising Star in Professional Services) and recently, I was celebrated as part of the #LessOrdinaryWomen campaign run by consultancy company, A Life Less Ordinary Wanted.”

What top tips would you give to our other members to enhance their careers?

“The main motto that I absolutely live by is “Set goals. Achieve. Repeat”.  I strongly believe that if we set (SMART) goals for ourselves, achieve those (not forgetting to celebrate our achievements) and get into the habit of engaging in the goal-setting process, there will be no limits to what we can achieve – in our careers and beyond.

In addition to this, I am constantly reminded how important it is to be yourself.  Do not underestimate the value that you can already add to an organisation or business just by being you having the perspective and experiences that you’ve had whether because of your culture, being a woman, or any other characteristic.  Yes, it is important to develop and improve and invest in yourself to be better, but that is very different to changing altogether to sing to someone else’s tune.”

Next we spoke to Rupal Kantaria, Social Impact Program Manager at Olvier Wyman, and winner of the Rising Stars in Diversity category, sponsored by Aon.

Rupal, tell us what has happened in your career since winning the Rising Star awards back in June?

“I was also shortlisted for two other awards recognising female talent – Asian Woman of the Year and Precious awards for outstanding woman in banking and finance.”

What top tips would you give to our other members to enhance their careers?

“Do not be afraid or embarrassed of publicity, understand your personal brand and actively build your profile.”

WeAreTheCity would like to extend our sincere thanks to all of our Rising Stars for sharing their successes with us. We are sure you will agree that they are all achieving amazing things and offering sound advice to future Rising Stars.

We look forward to featuring more of our Rising Stars next week. Please note our Rising Star programme for 2017 will open 1 February 2017.


Source: WeAreTheCity Information and jobs portal for business women