Rupinder Sandhu

Rupinder Sandhu is a Further Education College Lecturer and course leader, she has been teaching for 8 years at Sandwell College in the West Midlands.

Rupinder graduated from University with a BA honours in Fine Art and a PGCE in Post Compulsory Education. Rupinder’s passion for young people’s growth is demonstrated through her teaching experience and educational accomplishment’s. Rupinder was awarded International BTEC Tutor of the Year 2021 (Bronze award) and a National award for ‘The 2021 Lockdown Hero Award for Learner and Community Support’ alongside being a Finalist at the Birmingham Awards for her ‘Contribution to Education’. Rupinder has recently completed a Chartered Management Institute qualification in leadership and management in the aim to become a leader within the education sector and introduce new teaching strategies and contribution to student’s performance and experiences towards their future.

Rupinder is a passionate and ambitious educator, she is dedicated to being an advocate for every student’s success. Rupinder’s main goal as an educator is to make the classroom a space for growth, collaboration and inclusion and be a role model to the BAME community. Majority of Rupinder’s students come from a disadvantaged background; it is her mission to engage her students by providing them with the experiences and opportunities they wouldn’t always have access to. Rupinder is extremely passionate about providing learners with these experiences to widen their knowledge and build on their soft skills as individuals to prepare them for the working industry. Rupinder has organised and created amazing opportunities and experiences for her students that they wouldn’t always have access to in order to prepare them for their future career and aspirations. Mental health and well-being have been a key area that Rupinder has dedicated her time to by ensuring students, staff and people of the public are supported. Outside her job, Rupinder is a Primary School Governor and does motivational and inspirational talks about careers within the Art Industry at schools. Rupinder also shares her best teaching practice with other global educators around the world through conference talks and has published an article ‘FE opened my eyes to finding ways of working’ in the TES FE newspaper in order to educate others and inspire them that the skys the limit and to follow their career dreams.